You may be contacted by our Fraud Prevention department stating that there may be fraud on your debit card.

They will provide you with a case number and will ask you to call either 1-800-262 2024 or 1-877-253-8964 to verify information on your account and determine whether there is any fraudulent activity.

This is a legitimate call. Please call them back. They will ask to verify transactions on your account. THEY WILL NEITHER ASK FOR YOUR ACCOUNT NUMBER, NOR YOUR COMPLETE SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER. If you verify that there is a fraudulent transaction, they will lock your debit card to assure no other transactions will come through.

You will need to sign a form with us. Once the form is signed, we will, of course, reimburse funds to your account, if applicable, immediately.

Please be assured that Luso American Credit Union takes every precaution with our members accounts and we have protections in place to minimize or in some cases eliminate such occurrences.

We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you!