With UChoose Rewards®, you choose where to shop and what to get for all the points you earn.

Most rewards programs have limited options on where to shop, and it takes forever for your points to accumulate. UChoose Rewards changes all of that. You have access to hundreds of retailers where you earn big rewards, and there are millions of redemption choices!

Watch your points add up each and every time you shop with your Luso American Credit Union instantly issued Debit or Credit Card. Link your debit and credit card points on the Uchooserewards.com site and watch your points add up quicker.

How Does It Work?

Use your Luso American instantly-issued Debit or Credit Cards to shop and your points accumulate:

  • Earn 1 point per $2 each time you use your card and sign for your purchases.
  • Plus, earn additional points by shopping at participating retailers in-store or online at www.uchooserewards.com.

Redeem points for millions of items.

It’s that easy! The more you shop, the more points you earn!

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