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The fees listed below are accurate as of January 5, 2017.

Now Accounts
Service Fee
Service Charge1 $3.00
Uncollected Funds $20.00
Insufficient Funds $20.00
Stop Payment $10.00
Stop Payment Renewal $10.00
Allowed Checkwriting No Limit
Certified Checks $5.00
All Accounts
Service Fee
Returned Deposit Item $5.00
ACH Returns $20.00
Wire Transfers
Incoming No Charge
Outgoing: Domestic $15.00
International $40.00
Foreign Collection Items $7.00
Foreign Currency (order) $12.00
Foreign Currency (sell) Varies
Statement Copies2 $2.00
Account Research2 $15.00 per hour
Annual Dormant Account Fee $25.00
Lost Passbooks2 $5.00
Lost ATM/Debit Card
(No fee for first lost card in a twelve
month period)
Miscellaneous Fees
Service Fee
Cashier’s Checks2 $2.00
Stop Payment on Cashier’s Check2 $10.00
Notary Fee (members only) $0.00
Purchase U.S. Savings Bonds $0.00
Cash U.S. Savings Bonds $7.00
Money Orders3 $1.00
Stop Payment on Money Order $5.00
Coin Machine (members) $0.00
Coin Machine (non-members) 7%
Charged only if balance falls below $100.00 any time during the statement cycle.
Senior Citizens (65 or over) – no charge for this service.
Senior Citizens (65 or over) – ½ reduced fee, $.50.